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Understanding Carbohydrates for Cycling 1000 714 Allison Fontaine

Understanding Carbohydrates for Cycling

Let’s talk about CARBOHYDRATES – the macronutrient that makes up the largest portion of our diet. Carbs are especially important…

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The Importance/Benefits of Gut Health to Optimize Performance & Recovery 1280 853 Allison Fontaine

The Importance/Benefits of Gut Health to Optimize Performance & Recovery

As an athlete, why is gut health important to me? Do you feel like you’re doing everything right but it’s taking you forever to recover? In this article, we talk about the importance of gut health.

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Group cycling for women in Ottawa
Women’s Group Rides 1440 839 CommonEmpire

Women’s Group Rides

Extraordinary things happen when women come together to empower and challenge each other through their passion for cycling. Learn more about our women’s cycling group rides in Ottawa.

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Group of cyclists on a group cycling ride in Ottawa
Rise and Ride – Sept 18th, 2020 1600 1067 CommonEmpire

Rise and Ride – Sept 18th, 2020

As summer draws to a near and the fall approaches, the Friday morning Rise and Ride continues with a morning reward like no other.

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It’s New Kit Day 1600 1173 CommonEmpire

It’s New Kit Day

It’s new kit day here at Common Empire and we’re extremely proud to present to you, our new custom kits, designed and produced in conjunction with Specialized!

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