R3G3 – The Renfrew Rough Rider Griffith Gravel Grinder

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Griffith, Ontario, Canada


R3G3 is a new genre for Gravel Cup. It is a proper Gravel Grinder with a challenging scenic route, taking you over some incredible terrain that Renfrew has to offer. This will be an awesome experience on and off the bike, with some notable Gravel Pros participating and a festive atmosphere celebrating the local and Gravel community.

Event includes ATV support, aid stations, chip timing, and post race food and beverages.

With special guests:

Note that this event is under the Gravel Cup organization, but is not part of and does not count towards the Gravel Cup Overall Series. However, registering for R3G3 will save you 15% off the Gravel Cup Series registration.

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