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About Common Empire

Common Empire is a cycling community that promotes the fun and healthy sport of cycling through events such as group rides, training, social events, educational workshops and a social network to connect you with other cyclists. We also strive to make cycling more accessible by providing deals and discounts through our brand and local business partnerships. We welcome all levels of riders, from beginners to racers, and 2020 marks our 1st year!

Group rides

Common Empire hosts multiple group rides throughout the week to help keep up your fitness, meet new members and most importantly, have fun! With four rides per week and rides on the weekends, there’s almost always a ride you can jump into.

Wednesday training

Each Wednesday evening we leave from P3 in the Gatineau Park and take on a full loop of the park to test your limits and fitness. We offer multiple levels that you can join from the racer to beginner and everything in between. Common Empire workouts will evolve from long and moderate efforts to shorter harder efforts as the season progresses. Riders will begin with endurance intervals building aerobic oxygen-rich fitness and the ability to ensure longer efforts. We also discuss topics of springing, accelerating, bridging gaps and attacking for some. For others, we will discuss clipping in, climbing, cornering and pacing. The CE Training Plan is structured such that Wednesday evenings are about training your body to become a fitter and faster cyclist!

Post ride socials

Whether it’s on one of our morning rides that are followed by coffee at Little Victories or the post-Wednesday training rides at Beyone the Pale , we’re always rewarding ourselves with a treat and social event to connect our members. Our weekend group rides are usually focused around a destination such as the Wakefield Bakery or Pastel & Coco.

I'm going on a ride

As part of your membership, we include our social network that gives you access to everyone within the club. Our channel ‘I’m going on a ride’ allows you to connect with members on rides outside of our group rides whether you see someone’s post or you post yourself. You’ll almost always find someone up for it!

Code of conduct

Common Empire strives to promote a safe and enjoyable cycling environment for all its members. All Common Empire members are to take responsibility to achieve this goal, therefore, as a member of the team you are expected to comply with our code of conduct.

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