Nicholas Vipond

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Nicholas holds a Bachelor of Science degree, with Honors in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa and a Master of Arts degree in Consulting and Intervention in Sport, Health and Exercise, also from the University of Ottawa. He is a NCCP Certified Competition Development (Level 3) cycling coach, with over 20 years of coaching cycling athletes in MTB, road, cyclocross, and track and mentoring coaches. Over these years he has worked with youth athletes as young as 5 years old, right up to master and professional athletes. 

Nicholas Specializes in building individual periodized training plans that push athletes to achieve their goals. Through custom workouts designed to build on weaknesses, highlight strengths, and use proper periodization theory, athletes will arrive at their target events in peak form.  

He has worked with many athletes to not only improve their physical fitness but also their technical skills through specific skills training, both individually and in groups. From his undergraduate and masters degrees, Nicholas has an in-depth understanding of skill acquisition and effectively conveys those skill components. He is also able to relate his vast knowledge of many sports to his skill teaching in order to find a way for each athlete to better grasp the skill at hand. 

Nicholas’ mental training consulting experience includes working with athletes across a wide range of sports and different levels of sport. He has worked with youth soccer players, varsity athletes, as well as elite and masters athletes in both individual and team sports, including cycling, triathlon, rock climbing, swimming, nordic skiing, basketball.  It is through the use of various mental skills such as, distraction control, goal setting, race planning, overcoming fear, visualization, and self talk that Nicholas has been able to help athletes improve the mental side of their sport.  

Nicholas’ background includes several years of competing at the national and provincial levels in both nordic skiing and cycling, and currently competes in cycling, but enjoys many other recreational sports. Nicholas’ education and experience as both an athlete and a coach make him an excellent resource for other athletes and coaches who are looking to pursue excellence in their own performance domain.

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