Rise and ride

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[grve_title title=”Common Empire Rise & Ride” heading_tag=”h1″ heading=”h1″ align=”center”]

Join CE for an early morning Friday ride where we take on different routes and local coffee shops each week!

[grve_title title=”About the ride” heading_tag=”h2″ heading=”h2″]

Welcome to the Rise & Ride by Common Empire. On this weekly ride we’ll be riding on multiple routes each week and ending the ride for a coffee shop social.

The goal of this ride is to end the week on a good note with all of your cycling friends. This ride is broken up into groups by pace and ability so there’s always a group you can hop into.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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[grve_title title=”Ride details” heading_tag=”h2″ heading=”h2″]

Start location: Canadian War Museum
Meet time:
Departure: 6:00am
Type: Road ride

Style: Casual (no drop) & Tempo
Pace: avg 25-30km/h
• Max groups of 10

Important note:
* This is a members-only ride.
* New riders can come out and try the ride
* The waiver form must be signed to participate
* COVID app must be downloaded

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All groups are broken into groups of 10.

• A – Fast – Drop Ride (regroups at P8 & Champlain Lookout)
• B – Medium – Tempo (regroups at the top of hills and any of the stops)
• C – Chill – Keep everyone together

Women’s only group:
• A – Fast – Regroups at traffic lights and stops
• B – Chill – Keep everyone together (no drop)
* This women’s ride is open to women only.

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Join us and connect with other cyclists for our community ride!

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The Rise & Ride is about having fun and being social.

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Groups for everyone so you’re in your comfort zones.

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Visit different local coffee shops and explore the best in the city!

[grve_title title=”Things to know” heading_tag=”h2″ heading=”h2″]
[grve_title title=”Cancellation policy”]

If you’re unable to make a ride, that’s ok. We ask that you mark that you’re unable to attend so the ride so we know who’s attending and have the sufficient number of ride leads for each ride. You can do this on our Strava event. 

[grve_title title=”Rider requirements”]
  1. All riders must be at least 18 years of age and have signed our waiver form.
  2. A road, mountain or gravel bike in good working order.
  3. No fixie, commuter or triathlon bikes allowed for safety reasons.
[grve_title title=”What to bring”]

• A bike for your discipline
• Helmet
• Food/Hydration
• Cell phone

• Repair kit
• Emergency contact information
• Bank card/cash
• A mask

[grve_title title=”Want to give it a try?” heading_tag=”h1″ heading=”h2″ align=”center”]

Want to come out and try a ride before becoming a member? You’re welcome to do so, just fill out the waiver form and present yourself to a ride lead upon arrival.

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[grve_title title=”Safety details” heading_tag=”h2″ heading=”h2″]

Safety is our number one priority and we ask that you follow the safety guidelines set out in our Safety Guidelines Overview. Each rider is required to take the 10 minute course that explains the roles and responsibilities for each rider while in attendance. 

[grve_title title=”Activity advisory” heading_tag=”h2″ heading=”h2″]
[grve_title title=”Safety details”]

Every ride follows industry guidelines. We work with expert and experienced ride leaders guide your rides and provide the best practices and standards for safety.

[grve_title title=”Know your comfort level”]

Please note activities carry risks, and you may be exposed to dangerous situations as part of this experience. Make sure you can participate safely given your abilities and the conditions (such as location, weather, and equipment).

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