Nutrition programs for Cyclists

Fuel your rides and lifestyle with custom nutrition programs

Custom Nutrition Programs

Common Empire has joined forces with a sports nutritionist, Allison Fontaine, to create affordable programs designed to support your rigorous exercise routines and take your training to the next level. After consulting with you, Allison creates a custom meal plan specific to your body’s needs and your personal goals. By signing up for a nutrition program, you can take away the troubling task of figuring out what to eat, and instead focus your energy on your exercise routines while benefiting from a proper and supportive diet.

Custom Program


Initial consultation
Personalized meal plan
10% off vitamins & supplements
*Does not include follow ups

This is more of an entry-level program that includes an initial consultation as well as a personalized meal-plan. Allison will have you complete intake forms to get an in-depth understanding of your health history, diet, and lifestyle. After going through this information, the two of you will have a virtual consultation where you can go-through the intake forms together, devise a plan of action, and get basic tips and tricks to support your nutritional needs. Based off of your discussion, Allison will create a personalized meal plan to support your exercise routine and dietary needs.

Custom Program Plus

$125 + $50/month

Initial consultation
Personalized meal plan
Bi-weekly follow-ups
25% off vitamins & supplements

This program is similar to the basic program where Allison will have you complete intake forms, have an initial consultation and develop a personalized meal plan. In addition to that, you get a discounted rate of 25% off of vitamins and minerals, and you’ll also get bi-weekly follow-ups. Here you get to discuss what’s working for you, your likes/dislikes, where you’re seeing improvements, and where you need support. I recommend this program as we can track your progress, make adjustments, and make changes that coincide with the changes happening in your life, whether that be an injury, more rigorous exercise regime, or just a busier work schedule.

Free Basic Nutrition Program with your CE Membership


Included in your Common Empire membership is a basic meal plan for a healthy lifestyle and living, sent to you 4 times per year. We also include basic hydration and supplement suggestions to enhance your performance. This meal plan will be sent to you upon your Common Empire subscription has been completed.