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We are extremely excited to present to you the new Common Empire kit! Produced in conjunction with the Specialized Custom team, we’ve designed a kit that represents community, inclusivity and something that you’ll look absolutely amazing in and help you perform at your fullest.


How did we come up with the design you ask? The colours green and gold were chosen to represent our empire, your empire and us as a community. The green symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green also has strong emotional correspondence with safety and you know how much we love safety. The gold represents illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom. These are all of the things we believe make us so strong together and exactly what the cycling community needs. The honeycomb was the perfect shape to reflect the community and its design symbolizes working together and being connected from all angles. (we can thank the design team over at Specialized for this nice little touch). Lastly, the wave icon on the shoulder represents our mantra of being inclusive, welcoming and that we should say hello to our fellow cyclists. Our hope is to make this the way forward for all cyclists, globally. So don’t forget to say hi!


What do we have on offer? For both men and women, there is a jersey, jacket and bib shorts, arm and leg warmers, neck gaiters, socks and two colours of water bottles.


When will it be available?  We are expecting to see arrivals sometime in late November, early December. This is just in time for Zwift season, which we’re working towards a getting custom jersey on your rider avatar. Stay tuned for that!

*Pricing to come!

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The Common Empire kit items were specifically chosen to provide the best possible comfort and performance on the bike. We’ve got you covered from head to toe, no matter the conditions. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us or shoot us a message in the chatbot below!

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Long hours in the saddle put a ton of stress on your jerseys. But we think it’s a misconception that you can’t provide race-ready performance in a package that’s built to take some abuse. And for this reason, we chose the Specialized SL Jersey.

*Included in the premium membership

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There are quite a few boxes that your ‘favourite pair of bib shorts” must check. The chamois has to be perfect—soft to touch, foam in all the right places, and perfect shape. And the materials must be compressive, yet still comfortable while being sized correctly. It’s been a lengthy process, but we’re happy to say that the SL Race Bib Shorts check all the right boxes and was the bib of choice. The pre-molded, triple-density foam Body Geometry Contour 3D Chamois is contoured to perfectly match the curvature of your body, all while being soft and supportive in all the right places. The other part of the comfort equation is the extremely stretchy, soft bib straps paired with a soft four-way stretch fabric. On the performance side, the same four-way stretch fabric also features plenty of compression, for long days in the saddle. The three-inch-tall silicone cuff also ensures that your bibs stay in place in a variety of conditions.

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Packable jackets often fall into the rough, flappy, noisy category, but the Deflect™ Wind Jacket breaks the stereotype. It starts with a stretch-woven fabric that’s not only wind-resistant, water-resistant, and highly breathable, but stretches across your body for a noise-free experience. Top it off with extreme packability, it packs into a fist-sized ball- and you’re left with the perfect temperate-weather layer.

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Typically, this packable vest category has been dominated by lightweight ripstop fabric pieces that provide good wind and spray resistance, but a whole lot of flapping and noise. Our goal was to give you everything you need, without sounding like a flag in a breeze. We engineered a stretch fabric that conforms to your body, providing a soundless ride, while providing wind resistance. To resist spray, we treat the front panel fabric with a durable water-repellant coating, while leaving the back panel fabric untreated to increase breathability. The vest packs down into a fist size ball.

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To make the Therminal™ Engineered Leg Warmers, Specialized used a special cylindrical knitting machine that allows them to engineer areas of stretch, compression, and articulation while creating a seamless design. Lighter weight than their standard Therminal Warmer collection, this seamless version is perfect to stash in a jersey pocket when you need a little extra protection on a fast descent or for a long climb in the shadows.

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To make the Therminal™ Engineered Arm Warmers, Specialized used a special cylindrical knitting machine that allows them to engineer areas of stretch, compression, and articulation, while also creating a seamless design. Lighter weight than their standard Therminal™ Warmer collection, this seamless version is perfect to stash in a jersey pocket when you need a little extra protection on a fast descent or for a long climb in the shadows.

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Utilizing a blend buttery soft yarns, our Road socks are a minimal, compressive sock that breathes and has a perfect blend of cushion and shoe feel. Meryl-Skinlife yarns fight odour with silver ions and move moisture, giving you a dry, bacteria-free environment your feet will appreciate.

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A neck gaiter is one of the “must-have” pieces of any cool to cold weather ride, and this Thermal Neck Gaiter is no exception. With the use of Polartec™ Power Grid® fabric, it keeps you plenty warm, without any added bulk.

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The Purist MoFlo Bottle features an amorphous silicon dioxide coating that’s infused into the inner-wall of the bottle. Essentially, this forms a glass-like finish that provides a totally natural, and completely inert, solution to the problem of your drinks staining the bottle or leaving behind any residual aftertaste. This infusion also shields your fresh water from tasting like plastic on very hot days, making it akin to drinking straight from a sparkling clean glass.

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