Cyclists in Ottawa on a group ride

That Friday Feeling

There’s something about getting up early, throwing on the gear and watching the sun come up that offers a reward greater than most. It seems to be somewhat of a theme this year. We do it to beat the heat, to get to work on time, and to see how many others are willing to feel a bit of that glorious morning sunrise with us. And as it turns out, lots of people are up for the early wake-up! Just after five weeks of rides, we’ve attracted many of Ottawa’s cyclists looking for something special. Want to join our next ride? Here are the details.

Ride details

Join us for an early ride around the airport starting at the War Museum followed by coffee at Little Victories in The Glebe

Meet time: 5:50am
Departure: 6:05am
Start location: Canadian War Museum (out front)
Distance: 40.23km (see route)
Pace: avg 25-30km/h
• this is a no-drop ride
• Max groups of 10

Get more details: Strava

Important note:
* This is a members-only ride.
* New riders can come out and try the ride
* The waiver form must be signed to participate
* COVID app must be downloaded

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